Demanto Jewelry

Demirdjian Anto started Demanto jewellery in Lebanon since 1991. Through years of experience, it has succeeded in manufacturing the most beautiful, stylish &  fashionable designs ever, to satisfy the taste of its elegant customers.


“...visit us at our amazing NEW SHOWROOM and experience the new and unique pieces of jewellery all created and designed by DEMANTO.”


By its unique designs that fit all seasons and fashion styles, Demanto achieved success not only in Lebanon but also in the Arabian countries like Kuwait and Dubai. Its high quality jewels and extraordinary designs with colorful precious and semi precious stones attracted all cultures & tastes. All Jewels are designed, and manufactured in our factories, where each piece is treated with extreme care & professionalism to get a very creative and high quality end piece.Demanto jewellery participates in exhibitions in Lebanon and other countries, where its creative designs astonish customers of all ages.In addition to its jewelry designs Demantos newest creations are highly qualified watches,with precious and semi precious.